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Ohio State Bank

Situated on a property vacant for decades, The Ohio State Bank is an iconic urban infill building that fills a long-awaited role as the western gateway to the historic city of Bexley, a suburb of Columbus, and the terminus of the city’s small-scale commercial corridor. The project also serves as the inaugural headquarters for the new retail bank as well as additional commercial office tenants.

The architecture recognizes the familiar American model of the small-scale, stand-alone branch bank and, specifically, the early modernist references from the mid-20th C. As an urban interpretation of this often suburban typology, the bank maintains the urban street corner with highly transparent facades that open the two-story banking lobby directly to the street. Those three-story glazed facades feature aluminum brise soleil fins and a folding cedar-clad wall and soffit that continues into the bank hall ceiling, emphasizing the connection between inside and out and expressing the contemporary model of the retail banking business as an accessible and transparent community resource. An offset pattern of punched window openings organizes the white brick facades and the cedar siding appears again as cladding for the stair and elevator core adjacent to the primary public entry to the north. Surface parking and a drive-through window are also located to the north. 

The interiors utilize a minimalist palette of concrete, wood and glass with ceramic tile accents applied with many fine-grained, highly developed details. The focus of the two-story bank hall is the wood slat ceiling that creates a continuous folded plane from the exterior soffit to the vertical interior wall to the customer service area ceiling, ultimately directing that focus to the service counter. Open office space and an enclosed, transparent conference room are organized along the south façade. The second floor, also occupied by the bank, is visible to the main bank hall. Glazed ceramic tile highlight specific moments such as the elevator core and the custom bank service counter.

Penzone Salon + Spa

The Penzone Salon and Spa at Polaris is the latest in the brand to employ the salon’s new concept. The project includes the renovation of an existing stand-alone salon located in a commercial corridor of suburban Columbus. The renovation scope included the lobby and retail space, hair salon, nail salon, spa and employee lounge. The 12,000 SF space, previously renovated in 1999, was updated to reflect the company’s new approach towards beauty and wellness, focusing both on traditional beauty-shop services as well as holistic health and wellbeing.

The interior design takes minimalist aesthetic with a black and white material palette. Spaces are configured to create legibility, transparency and openness with long one-point perspective views and a layering of functional spaces. Branding and merchandising are a given in these environments and accomplished here with a purposeful, restrained and graphic approach. The interior lighting combines both performance lighting and decorative lighting and is ambient to support the interior legibility and focused at points of service. Most aesthetic service points are located along exterior walls to maximize daylighting.

The salon features a large welcome lobby that promotes a sense of community with seating, a coffee & alcohol bar, makeup and beauty service stations, expanded retail, and a new “try-me bar” concept to showcase featured products. The hair salon, previously comprised of closed individual bays separated by tall casework, has been opened up to enable artists and clients to interact and share ideas, stories and inspiration, with the color-mixing bar as the focal point where clients can now sit and observe the artists at work. The spa and nail salon have their own quieter, more private lobby, located behind closed doors to create a calm and relaxing ambiance. The salon also features a flex space, a 560 SF room for a rotating series of social events, yoga, pop up retail and more.

The Townhaus

The Townhaus is a high-end residential townhouse project located in a historic, urban neighborhood of Columbus near downtown and adjacent to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, a major employer of the area. 

The Townhaus is an infill residential condominium project located on a previously vacant property in the historic, dense, urban neighborhood of Schumacher Place on Columbus’ south side. This project is an affirmative response to the organic range of architectural typologies, scales and materials in this historic urban context with references to the 1 story brick cottages across the street, the adjacent 2 story stucco residences and the small scale historic commercial buildings with industrial sash windows nearby. The formal rhythm of its massing is intentionally syncopated and irregular – a complex interpretation of these simple urban residential typologies. 

Two buildings of five attached homes each (totaling ten townhomes) are sited to hold the urban street edges with a buffer of green space along the perimeter and an interior auto court hidden from public view. The main volumes and the recessed entries alternate with painted brick and stucco. Open 2nd and 3rd floor roof decks with downtown views are located at the rear of the units. The masonry and metal roofing and window details are minimalist interpretations of the historical standards.

The simple floor plans include ground floor kitchen and living areas with 2 car garages and upper floor bedrooms and roof decks, all connected with an open, straight-run stair hall.