Jonathan Barnes
Architecture & Design


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“The value of design lies in the ability of a space, a building, or a functional object to have an effect on people – to shape behavior, to inspire, to challenge, to inform, to comfort, to engage, and to stimulate.”

JBAD Philosophy

Jonathan Barnes Architecture and Design is a strong idea firm grounded in a critical design process. JBAD contributes to the built environment through contemporary design, community engagement and a collaborative culture that promotes learning and research. “We design with purpose.”




We use thoughtful, innovative and beautiful designs to realize aspirational visions for our clients and enrich our communities. 





We are tenacious and always strive for perfection and a high level of design in everything we do. We know that details matter and excellent work is the result of a thousand thoughtful decisions.



We do our best to always be efficient in our work process and execute with a sense of immediacy. We work smarter not faster and balance urgency with excellence. We are respectfully impatient.



We question assumptions and see every project as an opportunity to find new ways to understand, analyze, create, solve and improve that add value and generate new models. We investigate with purpose and a focus on outcomes.



We approach our work with a sense of possibility and personal agency. We continuously look for ways to improve our practice and go beyond instructions and expectations. We expect everyone to have a voice and be heard, no back rows.



We know that we do better when we work as a team and share in our success. We seek diversity and inclusivity in our team and our perspectives and seek out each other’s ideas, thoughts, feedback, and criticism. People drive the firm.

Design Gravities

An essential character of the firm’s process-driven design is the ability to leverage a disparate group of influences on architecture. The gravitational pull and cross effects of cultural, social, tectonic, artistic, ecological, economic and regulatory factors on the design trajectory of a project, from inception to realization, are analyzed and balanced in order to imprint their appropriate mark on a project. Often these forces are non-architectural in nature and exert an indirect affect on the design. This approach, both theoretical and practical, creates a rigorous and critical design process with thoughtful and purposeful results.

Design Relevance & Innovation

For over twenty years, JBAD has been in the vanguard for contemporary architecture in both the architectural community and in the public realm, creating innovative, technologically cutting-edge work relevant to contemporary society. This innovation can be found in the programming and function of the firm’s projects as well as the application and detailing of architectural materials and systems.

With these efforts, the firm is leaving a distinctive mark on the built environment of Columbus and the Midwest. Clients and emerging architects alike seek out the firm, expecting that unique ideas will be applied with creativity and expertise.