Jonathan Barnes
Architecture & Design


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Jorgensen Farms

Columbus, Ohio | 2022

Jorgensen Farms is a historic, 100-acre working organic farm and event venue located in Plain Township in Central Ohio. JBAD designed a ceremony building and bridal suites and restored the historic barn. The site plan includes an assembly of buildings linked through a processional path. The new structures, the Ceremony Building and Bridal Suites, are located in a flanking position to the Flower Garden, a distance from the existing Historic Barn.

The processional walkway threads through the structures and their outdoor spaces, leading guests through a specific sequence of spaces, from pre-ceremony to post-reception. This experience engages the natural environment between the venues, including the flower garden and the planting fields, in order to emphasize a sense of place and the immediacy of the agriculture. The farm itself produces much of the food and flowers for the events on site and recycles much of the waste, creating a sustainable, semi-closed circle of production and consumption. Produce is also supplied to area restaurants and food kitchens.