Jonathan Barnes
Architecture & Design


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MicroTower Parking Booth

The MicroTower Parking Booth is the re-imagination of an otherwise overlooked and unconsidered part of the downtown landscape located at one of many of the ubiquitous downtown surface parking lots. This parking booth was designed as a new tower on the city’s skyline, realized at a scale both tall and small, its proportions and monolithic nature mimicking the office towers that surround it. Nevertheless, at forty feet in height, it assumes the role of urban landmark.

Columbus, Ohio | 2017

AIA Columbus Merit Award (2018)

James B Recchi Design Award Nominee (2017)

The MicroTower’s primary role is to serve as a booth for parking lot attendants and will replace the existing parking booth on the site. The parking booths program takes up approximately two-thirds of the floor area leaving the other third as flexible program space. Options are interchangeable, including food cart/coffee cart service and bike storage. Information about upcoming events can be found here on

Inexpensive and readily available, shipping containers (also known as Intermodal Steel Building Units, or ISBU’s) offered an ideal solution to the construction of the MicroTower. The containers’ dimensions, roughly 8 feet by 9 feet by 40 feet, easily accommodated the space required by a parking attendant and the ancillary space for flexible program.