Jonathan Barnes
Architecture & Design


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The Concord

This new building in the Harrison West neighborhood provides unique and beautiful housing for the area.

Columbus, Ohio | 2018

This infill residential condominium project is located on a previously vacant property in the historic, dense, urban neighborhood of Harrison West in Columbus. The context includes a mix of single family, 2 ½ story, detached clapboard houses and modest 2 and 3 story brick apartment blocks. This project responds to both in scale, formal references and materials. In its quiet reinterpretation of the neighboring structures, the street façade presents a minimalist white brick gable form and a simple, flat, red brick bay flanking a recessed front entry. Cedar wood planks signify exceptional moments – the front entry, a corner inset panel and the rear entry. Vertical bands of cementitious panels wrap the 3rd story. A standing seam metal panel roof tops the gable and a graphic line of metal trim trace the gable and the brick bay.

The six 2-bedroom residential units are paired two per floor, east and west, with two front entries at the ground floor and rear entries via an embedded stair with a wood trellis above. Terraces are located above the front entry and at a north projecting bay. Tenant storage is provided at a basement level.