Jonathan Barnes
Architecture & Design


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The Hartman Building Renovation

The resurrected Hartman Building is leading its neighborhood into a period of rejuvenation and prosperity, creating long-lasting value for the client and the community.

Columbus, OH | 2002

AIA Columbus Merit Award (2002)

This large-scale renovation required an early 1900’s structure to be updated for 21st century uses while maintaining its historic character. Originally known as the Hartman Hotel, this 72,000 square foot building was once a landmark of Columbus’ thriving market district. Several decades and tenants later, the Hartman building became vacant, its future uncertain. Our client challenged us to provide a full scope of services to resurrect this landmark, including an alternative code compliance analysis, the restoration of its historic exterior, and the creation of modern infrastructures.

We designed the renovation with a split personality that matched the unique challenges of the project. The street façades restored the building’s 19th century American Neoclassical past. In contrast, a new minimalist, modern five-story, steel and glass stair tower above the new west entry creates a new image for the Hartman, reinventing its landmark status.