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The Benchmark Apartments

The site of an eyesore structure has become a new urban, residential community with a park-like green space at its heart. The density of the development provides both the valuable open space and much needed rental housing in an established neighborhood.

Columbus, OH | 2013

This infill apartment project was challenged with replacing an abandoned commercial building with an appropriately dense new development in order to preserve a maximum of green space as an important and sustainable amenity. A community building was intended to provide an image for the project at its main entry, definition to the green space and important amenities to the residents.

The apartments are arranged in nine three story clusters separated to provide access and openness to the green space, which occupies nearly half the length of the site and serves as a stormwater retention area and biofilter. Apartment terraces have views of this landscape and the community building, featuring a fitness center, lounge and pool.