Jonathan Barnes
Architecture & Design


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Buggyworks Lofts, Phase II

A new urban village is to be created in a rediscovered urban neighborhood.  The renovated warehouses will revive long-lost street activity and a new tower with a visually arresting profile will broadcast the unique identity of this resurgence to residents, commuters and visitors across the city.

Columbus, OH | 2016

This large-scale planning and architectural project consisted of 6 building components, including historic renovations and new construction, totaling over 600,000 square feet and a wide mix of uses, including office retail, residential and parking.  Our challenge was to integrate differing construction types, resolve complex site access, circulation and security issues and create an iconic tower in a low-scale gentrifying urban neighborhood, all with the goal of assembling an urban village with a distinct and cohesive identity.

The historic warehouse conversions and residential addition, the new 8-story parking garage and the 15-story residential tower all share an extensive and precise 3-dimensional circulation system joining private uses, public plazas, a new urban pedestrian street and a shared garden roof.  The tower is oriented to capture downtown views and elevated to assume a landmark status.