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AIA Columbus Merit Award

Posted November 10, 2018

The MicroTower Parking Booth is the recipient of the AIA Columbus Merit Award! The booth is part of Bold Booths, a public art program in downtown Columbus that reimagines the parking booth, an overlooked occupant of the most banal of urban landscapes, as a disruptive artifact, both art and architecture, curious and exuberant. The MicroTower re-creates the parking booth as a new tower on the city's skyline, realized at a scale both tall and small, its proportions and minimal, monolithic nature mimicking the office towers that surround it. The ambiguity of its perceived scale produces a surreal presence. Nevertheless, at 40' in height, it assumes the role of both urban landmark and sign for the business of urban parking. 

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Judges comments:

"This project incited all sorts of comments and theories, once we realized the creative genius of using an existing shipping container, putting on its end and reinbahiting as a form of public art we were all entranced. Despite its incredibly low budget this project has a great pop art potential for connecting some of the less inhabited parts of town that are inhabited by cars."